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It is imperative that you file with the school all information about special medical conditions, allergies, etc

It is imperative that you file with the school all information about special medical conditions, allergies, etc. If your child has an allergy that might require treatment during the course of a school day, we must have the medicine on hand at school with the proper release (see below) to administer same. Please keep the school up to date on all health-related information as changes occur.


The Naval Academy Primary School is required by law to be in compliance with the immunization schedule set forth by the Maryland Health Department. You must file a completed immunization form with the school office no later than the first day of school, showing that your child meets the minimum requirements. Otherwise, your child will be excluded from school until the immunization form is on file. (Forms are available in the school office.)


Due to the possibility of an emergency (illness or accident) arising with a child at a time when the parents cannot be reached, it is mandatory that the school has on file the name and phone number of a friend or relative who is willing and able to pick up your child at school. (This information is requested on the emergency information sheet.)


Following advice from the USNA Pediatric Clinic, the school recommends the following guidelines regarding sick children:


       Keep your child at home when ill. Many illnesses are of shorter duration if recognized and treated early.

       Be alert to colds, fever, rash, reddened eyes, or other symptoms that may indicate the onset of a communicable disease.

       Report any incidents of contagious diseases to the school.


Parents will be contacted to pick up their children if they have any of the following:


       Fever 100 o or more; even a lesser elevation if accompanied by headache, stomachache, or diarrhea

       Nausea or vomiting       Skin rash not seen by a physician   Coughing, if excessive

       Reddened eyes not seen by a physician   Conjunctivitis    Head lice


Listed below is the school policyas recommended by the USNA Pediatric Clinicfor children returning to school after illness. Your cooperation with these guidelines is expected and will be appreciated.


       Chicken pox: Child may return after 7 calendar days if all scabs are dry. Other school-age children in the family may attend school if they are well. Observe your child each morning for symptoms.

       Fifth disease: Child may return after diagnosis and when fever-free for 24 hours.

       Conjunctivitis (pinkeye): Appropriate treatment in effect for 24 hours and no colored discharge.

       Head lice: Child excluded from school until treated with lotion shampoo prescribed by a physician or over-the-counter treatment recommended by a pharmacist. Head lice can be treated in one day.

       Illnesses requiring antibiotics: Prescribed treatment in effect for 24 hours and free of fever for 24 hours.

       Impetigo: Child excluded from school until released by physician or under treatment and lesions have begun to heal.

       Infectious hepatitis: Child may return to school after the doctors release but not before 7 consecutive days from the onset of jaundice.

       Mononucleosis: Consult a physician. Child is excluded if he/she has fever or if physician has recommended the child stay home.

       Ringworm: Child excluded from school until undergoing treatment.

       Scabies: Must consult physician. Child is excluded from school until undergoing treatment.

       Scarlet fever, scarletina, and strep throat: Child may return to school 24 hours after he/she has begun treatment and has been fever-free 24 hours.

       Vomiting: No vomiting for 8 hours and no fever for 24 hours.


All medicines to be administered at school must be kept in the school office. The medicines must be labeled and prescribed by a physician. The parent must file with the school a Parents Request to Administer Medication at School. (Forms are available in the school office.) The medicine will be administered by one of the administrative staff. No medicine will be given without this form on file in the school office. This rule also applies to any change in the way medicine is to be administered.


       A parental note is sufficient to excuse a child from physical education class and recess for one or two days.

       If a child has a serious injury or condition that could be construed as possibly limiting physical activity for an extended period, the school requires a note from the childs doctor stating any restrictions on the students activities while at school.

       If your child is absent more than three days, we would appreciate your calling the school office regarding the reason for the absence.

       The school has the right to request a written note from a physician upon a child's return to school after illness.


Attention parents of children with serious food allergies: A parent or designated adult must accompany a child who has a serious food allergy on any field trip and must also attend any classroom party. No exceptions will be made.


All children must be toilet-trained. In the event of a first-time wetting incident, a staff member will notify the parent. In subsequent wetting accidents and in all soiling accidents, a staff member will alert the parent, who will be expected at the school immediately  to take care of the situation. If a chronic pattern develops with a student, it will be necessary for the director to evaluate the situation with the parents and the childs physician to determine the feasibility of the child remaining at NAPS.