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Parent Handbook: Field Trips


Field Trips

Field trips are planned to reinforce, supplement and/or enrich the school’s curriculum and the students’ experience. Therefore, students are expected to attend. During the academic year, classes participate in several excursions, and a blanket permission slip must be signed at the beginning of each school year. Prior to each trip, information regarding trip particulars and any special considerations will be provided, including schedule, cost, and uniform requirements.

Field trip schedules are determined based upon many variables including event times and adequate travel time. The scheduled departure time will be honored and the trip will not be delayed for late students or late chaperones.

The cost of the field trip will appear on the monthly statement. Costs are figured based upon 100% attendance, and each class member will be billed accordingly whether or not the child attends. A doctor’s note is required in the event of illness. Refunds will be considered on a case by case basis. Chaperones are also billed.

Improperly attired students will not attend. Should a student arrive out of uniform, a parent will be notified immediately and given the opportunity to rectify the oversight before the scheduled departure. If the class must depart before a parent arrives, the parent has the option to join the group at a designated meeting spot as agreed upon with the teacher, or take the child home.



Parents are encouraged to serve as chaperones when possible but must bear in mind that not all trips require chaperones, not all trips can accommodate all that wish to attend, and younger siblings are not allowed on field trips. Chaperones are asked to:

Be attentive to and supervise assigned children

Be courteous and respectful to event personnel

Dress appropriately for the event (no flip flops, unkempt clothing or jeans if children are dressed in formal attire)

When in doubt, refer and defer to the teacher

Souvenir shop only if a pre-arranged time has been set-aside for all students

Provide the teacher with a cell phone number accessible during the trip. Refrain from cell phone use for personal business

Refrain from engaging in adult conversations or using profanity while on a trip