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Naval Academy Primary School
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Birthdays are important events for children; accordingly, teachers will allow class  time for brief celebrations. Parents are asked to provide the refreshments and favors (if desired) for these parties. Parents are welcome to schedule un-birthday parties for children who have summer birthdays. If a student is having a party at home, parents are asked to refrain from distributing invitations at school.




As an independent, nonprofit school, NAPS faces the enormous challenge of providing an outstanding faculty and facility to support the growing needs of its students while maintaining the lowest tuition cost in the area. Development activities are managed by the development chairmen elected to the NAPS Board of Directors.


An annual giving fund, established in 2001, provides for specific, short-term projects and is supported by pledges made annually. Most school years see one or more fundraising events, the proceeds of which also support special needs not covered by the NAPS annual budget. Completed annual giving fund campaigns have provided funds for wiring the school for Internet access, renovation of the school kitchen, and new flooring for the lunchroom (to be completed summer 2003).


The school recognizes and thanks donors in a variety of ways: at the NAPS Association meetings in the spring and fall, in the NAPS News, and with special tokens of appreciation. All gifts are tax-deductible.



Parents and teachers  organize several activities during the year to raise money for specific purposes such as supplementing the cost of field trips. These activities usually include but are not limited to the sale of giftwrap and serving weekly lunches at the school (see Lunches and Snacks). The success of these ventures depends entirely on the willingness of a sufficient number of parents to participate. These activities provide an opportunity for new parents to become better acquainted with the school as well as  with other parents.


Holiday Celebrations

Classroom parties are planned for Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, and Easter, with these occasions being dress-down days. Children dress in costumes for Halloween but these costumes may not include toy weapons of any kind. At the beginning of the school year, each family is asked to make a commitment to help with at least one of these parties. If a family has more than one child in the school, it is helpful for parents to participate in at least one of each of their childrens class parties. Parents are required to make child-care arrangements for younger siblings while volunteering in the classroom.