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Naval Academy Primary School
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The safety rules are very important in giving the administration knowledge as well as control of who is in the building at a given time


Picking up children on foot at afternoon carpool: We will lock the doors each afternoon at 2:30.

       We will open the doors at 2:45 for parents to enter the school and give their carpool numbers to the staff member on duty.

       Parents must then wait in the outer lobby and will be served before the students are called for carpool.


Picking up children on foot at morning carpool:

       These parents must wait in the lobby until staff and students are in place for carpool.

       Parents may then request the staff member on duty to call for the student to be picked up.

       Parents may not go pick up their children from the classroom.


Taking children out of school or bringing children to school during school hours:

       When bringing a child to school during school hoursthis includes late arrivals after morning carpool has endedyou must park and accompany your child to the  admissions office (to the left as you enter the school) where you will be asked to sign the child in. For any short errand in the school, you may park in the 15-minute parking on the straight part of the driveway; you may NOT park on the circle at anytime.

       Anyone who needs to take a child out of school ANYTIME during school hours must send a note to school (in case of emergency, you may inform the school by phone).

       When picking up a child during school hours, you must go to the office to sign your child out and wait there for your child, who will be paged over the intercom.


Delivering an item to a student during school hours:

       When delivering an item to a student during school hours, you must bring the item to the office for a staff member to deliver it to your child.


Volunteering in the school:

       ALL volunteers must check in at the office before beginning their work.