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Naval Academy Primary School


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       Between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., the ONLY long-term parking for school visitors is in the lot across Greenbury Point Road. There is a fifteen-minute parking area on the right side as you enter the school driveway. It is clearly marked: Fifteen-minute parking except during carpool operation. The asphalt area to the side and back of the school is the teachers parking lot; the asphalt area in front of the school is a part of the playground. Physical education classes, recess, and after-school activities are held on this area, weather permitting. It is dangerous and disruptive for cars to come and go in that area while children are on the playground and some games (e.g.: volleyball) cannot be played if cars are parked there.

       Parking is forbidden on Greenbury Point Roadthis INCLUDES the widened shoulder area close to the end of the school drivewayat all times. The no-parking rule on Greenbury Point Road is an edict laid down by the USNA Security.

       Cars must never be left unattended on the circle in front of the school.

       All drivers must go down to the turn-around point during carpool regardless of the amount of traffic. A left-turn into the NAPS driveway is NOT allowed during carpool. This precludes the possibility of a driver inadvertently cutting ahead of another driver during light traffic.