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Naval Academy Primary School


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The Naval Academy Primary School Association, Incorporated is a private, nonprofit Maryland corporation, formed for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a school to provide a high-quality preschool through fifth-grade education for children of persons eligible for membership in the Association. Order of priority for membership in the Naval Academy Primary School Association is listed in the schools corporate bylaws, which are printed in the back of this book.


The Naval Academy Primary School (NAPS) is dedicated to providing a substantial elementary school educationincluding an extended-day programin an environment conducive to learning. The enrollment ranges from 265 to 285 students from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. The school endeavors to limit class size as follows: eight for pre-K 2; eight or ten for pre-K 3, depending on room size; twelve for pre-K 5; 16 for kindergarten; and eighteen for first through fifth grade. The small classes promote close interaction between teacher and child. Small classes also provide great flexibility in adapting individual lessons to challenge each child at his or her ability level. Teachers work with the students in all areas of development.

       NAPS is not a Department of Defense (DoD) school nor is it associated with the DoD school system in any way.

       NAPS is not a member of the Association of Independent Maryland Schools or any other accrediting agency.

       NAPS falls outside the jurisdiction of the Maryland State Superintendent of Schools and the Maryland State Department of Education.

       NAPS is a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation pursuant to section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.