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Naval Academy Primary School
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Administrative: Director, bookkeeper, and two administrative assistants plus one custodian

Teaching: 18 classroom teachers, six special-subject teachers (art, computer, French, library, music, and physical education), one resource teacher, and classroom aides for pre-K and kindergarten

Extended-day program: Supervisor and four assistants
Anderson, Jane - Teaching Assistant

Avers, Janet - Library

Bean, Kathryn - Resource Teacher

Brady, May - Health Care Coordinator

Brasek, Elizabeth - Teaching Assistant

Budney, Susan - Kindergarten (Full Day)

Caldwell-Dove, Rhonda - Fifth Grade

Carr, Charlene - Second Grade

Clouse, Devon - Director

Contee, Albert - Custodian

Cotten, Kathleen - Kindergarten

Craighill, Kathleen - Pre-K3

Crowell, Sarah - Art

Curry, Donna - Half-Day Kindergarten

Daley, Chris - Administrative Assistant

Edwards, Chris - Admissions & Records

Flammang, Kathi - Fourth Grade

Garrett, Sally - Teaching Assistant

Gibbons, Jenny - Teaching Assistant

Godoy, Irene - Fifth Grade

Jackson, Jennifer - First Grade

Johnson, Lois - Teaching Assistant

Kahler, Savannah - Extended Day

Lounsberry, Lynn - French

Lutz, Roxann - Library Assistant

Mata, Leslie - Pre-K 5

Mazanec, Michelle - Computer

McDonald, Madelon - Administrative Assistant

Moesch, Penny - Supervisor Extended Day

Nield, Marilyn - Pre-K 5

Pantelides, Dolly - Pre-K 2

Pasiuk, Melanie - Third Grade

Paskin, Sandra - Teaching Assistant

Poust, Robin - Fourth Grade

Regier, Alexis - Second Grade

Ridings, Sherrie - Physical Education

Robey, Darlene - Pre-K 2 & 3

Schall, Pamela - Bookkeeper

Schieke, Lynne - First Grade

Smith, Liza - Third Grade

Swiatek, Carol - Teaching Assitant & Extended Day

Thomas, Kimberly - Extended Day

Toney, Cathy - Music

Topping, Annette - Extended Day

Tumelty, Jennifer - Teaching Assistant

Werntz, Anna - Extended Day