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Naval Academy Primary School
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Field trips are planned to reinforce and enrich the schools curriculum

Field trips are planned to reinforce and enrich the schools curriculum. Excursions to the many historic landmarks, art galleries, museums, and places of scientific interest located in the area provide students the opportunity to supplement their classroom studies. During the academic year, each class will participate in several trips. Parents are encouraged to serve as chaperones when possible but must bear in mind that younger siblings are not allowed on field trips.


A blanket permission slip covering field trips for the entire year will be sent home at the beginning of the school year. Prior to any trip, the teacher will send home an information sheet detailing the particulars and any special considerations. The cost of the field trip will appear on your monthly statement.


The uniform requirements will be included in the information sheet regarding the field trip. If a child arrives at school out of uniform for a field trip that has been designated formal, a staff member will make a phone call to the parent, requesting that the correct uniform items be brought to school. If the situation is not rectified by the scheduled departure time, the student will remain at school for the day, with a charge for extended-day care placed on the students school account.


If you wish your child to be excused from a field trip, you must make arrangements for his or her care for the duration of the trip. In the case of an all-day field trip, your child will be marked absent.