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Any infraction of the schools rules (see Code of Conduct section) will result in disciplinary action. This disciplinary action cannot be confined to a specific set of rules, for every situation is different. Each offense will be reviewed in its entirety with consideration for the circumstances involved. Following this review, appropriate action will be taken.


The teacher is the first and most important person involved in dealing with behavioral problems that necessitate disciplinary action. Minor problems will be worked out between teacher and child. Teachers expect parental support in reinforcing classroom rules and procedures. Frequent communication between teacher and parent(s) can often preclude minor problems becoming major ones.                       


Consequences for classroom misbehavior may include one or more of the following: a reprimand, counseling, time out, or withdrawal of privileges, e.g.: no recess. Sometimes a time out in a quiet place with supervision is sufficient to calm a frustrated child. When a teacher feels that stronger disciplinary action is necessary, the child may be sent to the director, in which case the parents will be informed and the visit noted in school records. If the students misbehavior persists, there will be a conference with teacher, parents, director, and student.                                                                                 


If the above procedures fail to produce the desired results, a child may be suspended. Suspension from school, which is a last resort, will be at the directors discretion and only after a timely warning to the parents. (see note below) Prior to re-admission after a suspension, the parent(s) and child will meet with the personnel director, the director, and the teacher. Continued infractions of school rules after a suspension could result in dismissal for the duration of the school year.


A serious altercation or disturbance may result in immediate suspension for a period of not less than one day. Biting is considered grounds for suspension.