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Parents provide transportation to and from school; the school does NOT offer transportation. Each family is assigned a number to be used during pick-up time. This number is referred to as a carpool number even when used by an individual family. If you are interested in forming a regular carpool, call the office for a list of families in your area.


       You must have a carpool number whether your family travels alone or in a carpool with another family.

       All carpool numbers are assigned by the school; obtain your number as soon as possible. (Parents of returning students should not assume they will be assigned the same number as the previous year.) You must use the school-provided carpool number, i.e.: the actual card issued to you by the office. If you lose this card, you may get a replacement from the office.

       If you form a regular carpool with another family, both families will be assigned the same number.

       If you form a carpool, notify the school as soon as possible so the children can be grouped together at dismissal time.

       Attach your carpool number in clear view on the upper part of the windshield on the passenger side.

       A note must be sent to the school giving permission for your child to leave the school with anyone other than his/her regular carpool.

       Always notify the driver(s) of your carpool anytime that you make other arrangements for your childs transportation.

       Remember that golfersin carts or on foothave the right-of-way.


Successful carpools depend primarily upon the cooperation of the parents involved. The following rules are in force at all times.


       No left turn into school driveway during carpool.

       Do not engage the staff in conversation during carpool arrival and departure; this delays the entire operation.

       Make sure that your children enter and depart cars from the side next to the building; if your child still sits in a car seat, have the seat on the passenger side of the car, either front or rear.

       If adjustment of car seats and seat belts takes extra time, pull around the corner of the driveway, stopping to the side of Greenbury Point Road so that we can continue the loading process as efficiently as possible.

       Make sure that your children are seated in or are safely out of your car and that car doors are securely closed before proceeding around the circle.

       Remain in your car to ensure that the line proceeds around the circle as quickly as possible.

       It is not permitted to drop off a child at the end of the driveway or in the parking lot across the street. You may drop off a child ONLY at the school entrance. Otherwise, you must park across the street and walk with your child to the entrance.