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We expect families to recognize the importance of school attendance and maintain the integrity of the school calendar accordingly. It is the position of the school that no amount of homework can replace the personal instruction of the classroom teacher or the interaction that occurs among students and staff during the normal school day. Consequently, we encourage you to take your trips during school vacations but we do understand that it may be necessary in special circumstances to make a trip during the school year. Students away from school on a trip will be responsible for making up assignments as designated by the classroom teachers and should make arrangements in advance of any trip. We also encourage you to schedule dental/medical appointments in the afternoons after school, during school breaks, or on teacher in-service days, when all students are dismissed at 11:45 a.m.



It is extremely important that students be in the classroom on time. Late-arriving students are a disruption to the entire class, causing a loss of valuable teaching time. Students arriving in class after 8:20 a.m. are marked tardy. The number of times tardy is noted on the students report card. For late arrivals: parent must park and accompany child to the office to sign in. (see Safety Rules)


       When possible, notify the office in advance if your child will be arriving late or anytime it is necessary for him/her to leave class during school hours. If it is necessary for you to pick up your child during school hours, you must park your car (there is fifteen-minute parking in the driveway) and come into the school. It is not the schools responsibility to have your child ready and waiting.

       When an absence exceeds a three-day period, the parent must call the office with an explanation.

       The school has the right to request a written note from a physician upon a child's return to school after illness.

       When a student's absence during the year exceeds twenty days, the director and teacher will review the situation to determine if any remediation is appropriate.