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Faculty & Staff


NAPS 2009-2010 Faculty/Staff

Staff and Faculty members in red have email addresses. To email staff members please use the first letter of their first name followed by their last name.
Example: Jane Doe's email would be

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Click here to download NAPS employment application in MS Word

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Anderson, Jane - PK5 Teacher
Bean, Kathryn - Resource Teacher
Bengel, Sherri - Physical Education Teacher
Brady, May - Administrative Assistant
Capousis, Heidi - Art Teacher
Carr, Charlene - 2nd Grade Teacher
Clevenger, Kathy - Teaching Assistant 
Clouse, Devon - Director
Daley, Chris - Administrative Assistant
Dawson, Whitney - PK2 Music Teacher
Dorsey, Pamela - Director of Finance
Ebert, Betsy - Kindergarten Teacher
Friedholm, Angie - PK5 Teacher
George, Andrea - 1st Grade Teacher
Gill, Mallory - Extended Care
Golini, Suzanne - Kindergarten Teacher
Godoy, Irene - 5th Grade Teacher
Harris, John - Custodian
Henderson, Laura - Computer Teacher 
Huyett, Laura - Teaching Assistant
Johnson, Lois - Teaching Assistant 
Konopczyk, Kelli - PK 2 Teacher
Lounsberry, Lynn - French Teacher
Marks, Alina -Kindergarten Teacher
Mata, Leslie - PK3 Teacher
Mauger, Meredith - Extended Care
McKee, Holly - Teaching Assistant 
Michaelson, Katie - Teaching Assistant
Moesch, Penny - Extended Care Supervisor
Noble, Sharon - 5th Grade Teacher
ONeill Shelley - 4th Grade Teacher
Parreira, Kristin - Kindergarten Teacher
Pasiuk, Melanie - Admissions Director
Regier, Alexis - 2nd Grade Teacher
Roberge, Rita - Teaching Assistant
Robey, Darlene - PK2  & PK3 Teacher
Rosacker, Amy - Health Room
Schrader, Jennifer - First Grade Teacher
Smith, Liza - 4th grade Teacher
Swiatek, Carol - Extended Care 
Toney, Cathy - Music Teacher
Tumelty, Jennifer - 3rd grade Teacher
Whitmyer, Teresa - Physical Education Teacher
Wolfe, Liza - 3rd Grade Teacher
Woody, Kristy - Librarian