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NAPS News October 2010


NAPS News October 2010

Naval Academy Primary School

74 Greenbury Point Road • Annapolis MD 21402

410.757.3090 Fax: 410.757.1611

 October School Closings include Monday, October 11, in observance of Columbus Day.  Friday, October 29, the school will close at 11:45 a.m. for all students for staff in-service.


Afternoon Extended Care on special half days is only available to students enrolled in block care.  All classes will be dismissed at 11:45 a.m. on Friday, October 29.  Due to staffing requirements only those students currently enrolled in block afternoon care may remain at NAPS.


NAPS Magnets are available in the Admissions/Finance Office for $6.00 each.  Please note that the magnets are not carwash proof and should be removed before entering automated carwashes.


Carpool Etiquette is expected and appreciated from all families that participate in the carpool process.  Please remember the object of an efficient carpool is too keep the line moving!  We appreciate the cooperation of all those that help make carpool a smooth and easy experience.


1.                      Please do not cut-off oncoming NAPS families by turning left into the driveway.  Your car is recognizable and such incivility creates animosity and frustration. 

2.                      Please prepare children for departure prior to entering the circle and have them ready to exit the right side of the vehicle immediately.  This may mean climbing into the front seat.  This is especially helpful during inclement weather!

3.                      Please DO NOT EXIT the car under any circumstances during morning and 2:45 pm carpool.  Parents may pull into the black top area to fasten seat belts.

4.                      Please do no wait to see your child enter the building.  This is especially helpful during inclement weather as well.   Our goal is to keep the line moving!


The PK3- Fifth Grade Halloween Parade and Concert is scheduled for 9 a.m., Friday, October 29, and will be held on the front soccer field.  The event will last approximately 45 minutes, and friends and family are encouraged to attend.  In the event of foul weather, staggered parades will be held on the porch.  Detailed information will be distributed in an upcoming Tuesday Envelope. 


A PK2 Parade and Party Schedule will be distributed by the classroom teacher.  Look for detailed information in the blue folder and an upcoming Tuesday Envelope.


The Annual NAPS 5/10K Run and Kid Fun Run is scheduled for Sunday, November 7.   This event is a fun and rewarding way to support NAPS.  We encourage each NAPS family to pursue one corporate sponsor!  Sponsorship and registration information is available in this Tuesday Envelope as well as at the NAPS website.  We are also excited to participate in!  Simply visit, look for Annapolis events, and register on line with your credit card.  


Middle School Information Night is scheduled for Wednesday, October 13 at 7 p.m.  Please meet on the porch.  Fifth and interested fourth grade parents are encouraged to attend.  NAPS staff will provide an overview of the private school application process and local options.  Information about the local public schools will also be included.  ADULT ONLY EVENT


The Scholastic Book Fair is scheduled for October 18 – 21.  The success of the fair is largely due to parent volunteer efforts and we thank everyone that volunteered to work the fair.  Some shifts are still in need of volunteers.  If you are available Tuesday morning or Wednesday evening please contact the office.  Also, we were unable to place everyone in the more popular shifts.  Those scheduled will receive a work schedule in today’s Tuesday Envelope.  If you have any questions, please contact Volunteer Coordinator, Richard Koepp at




Smart Boards are up and running in five classrooms!  We must acquire two more for the upstairs classrooms and then will begin the quest to acquire Smart Boards for the downstairs classrooms.  NAPS thanks all those that have supported the effort through a contribution to the Annual Fund.  We appreciate a donation of any amount and hope you will remember the Fund when giving.  All donations are tax deductible.


Uniform Reminders, although not required regularly the formal uniform may be the required uniform of the day.  All students must have the pieces as described in the NAPS Handbook, pages 17-18.  Scout Uniforms may be worn to school on the day of scout meetings.  Scout uniforms should be worn in their entirety, and not mixed with pieces of the NAPS uniform of the day.  For more information see page 17 of the NAPS Handbook.  Appropriate Outerwear should be provided as the temperature begins to drop!  Please remember it is often several degrees cooler on the water.  During this transitional period we encourage you to send the NAPS sweatshirt.  If your child requires layers indoors, remember that only the NAPS sweatshirt or a blue sweater may be worn inside the building.


Parent/Teacher Conferences will be conducted for all students during the first week of November.  PK2 conferences are Thursday, November 4 and all others are Friday, November 5.  Appointment schedules will be distributed later in October. 


NAPS Yearbook preparations have begun!  Your photos are a welcome addition and we encourage parent photographers to share their photos.  Photos of classroom and school-wide events are greatly appreciated and should be directed to May Brady.  Photos cannot be returned, however we are happy to reimburse you for the cost of the copy.


NAPS News On-Line!  If you’ve misplaced your copy, need to reference a previous publication, or know other family members interested in our activities, check out our website at  Current issues are posted within hours of distribution and previous issues remain posted throughout the school year.    


Fall Field trips have begun and our students are on the move!  We greatly appreciate the assistance our chaperones offer and hope that you too find the experience rewarding.  As with our staff and students, we expect all participants to represent the school positively.  Please review the chaperone responsibilities found on page 7 of the NAPS Handbook.


The Facilities/Maintenance Department is compiling a list of all those willing to help out at the school with projects throughout the year i.e., playground mulch, parking curbs, new equipment installation, landscaping, etc.  If interested, please fill out the form in this Tuesday Envelope and return it to the school.


The revised Post 9/11 GI Bill offers benefits to current and former service members (and their dependents!) with a variety of military backgrounds.   Many NAPS families may not realize how to qualify for this wonderful benefit.  Please take a look at the enclosed flyer and share it with retirees, former officers and enlisted, and those thinking of separating from the military.


A Security/Emergency Alert System will soon be up and running for NAPS families!  We are excited about this enhancement and look forward to the implementation of this high-tech upgrade in communications.  Look for information regarding registration information in an upcoming Tuesday Envelope. 


The Boardwalk Beach Bash was a great success and we thank everyone for attending this evening of family fun.  Thank you to Chris Daley and Penny Moesch for organizing the event, and to the NAPS employees and their family members that manned the various stations.