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NAPS News September 2010


NAPS News September 2010

Welcome to school year 2010-2011!  The NAPS faculty and staff are excited to begin another great year, and look forward to building many happy memories with you and your children.  We appreciate your support and participation!


Back-to-School Night will be held Wednesday, September 15, at 7 p.m.  After a brief meeting on the porch, parents are invited to visit classrooms until 8:30 p.m.  Teachers will be available to acquaint you with the classrooms and answer any general questions.  However, please refrain from engaging in a private conference.  Teachers are happy to set-up an appointment if necessary. AN ADULT ONLY EVENT


Front Door Security Lock enables administrative staff to monitor all those that enter the building.  Please press the button on the wall to the right of the door to gain entry.  Then proceed directly to the main office to the right of the foyer.   Please DO NOT walk directly to classrooms.


New Immunization Forms are required for each school year, whether or not your child has received additional shots.  Immunizations forms are provided in the June mailing and are due the first day of school.  If your child has not been immunized in the last year, we simply ask that you complete the top of the form and write NO CHANGE.  If your child will be immunized at some point during this school year, that information will be documented upon their return next school year.  


Handbook/Fieldtrip Permission Forms should be returned immediately.   A second form has been included in this Tuesday Envelope for those families that have not yet returned a form.  Please be sure to complete both sides.


Operational Procedures have been running relatively smoothly, and we thank you for your cooperation.  Parents are reminded that school procedures are in place to create a safe and efficient environment for the entire school community.  A few operational reminders are attached.  All family members or friends that participate in carpool or pick-up/drop-off should read the information.


Innisbrook Wraps Sales Event begins August 30 and will run until Friday, September 17.  Door to door sales to strangers are neither expected nor encouraged.  However, all orders, large or small, are greatly appreciated.  Friends and families across the country can order on line as well.  See the packet included in today’s Tuesday Envelope for detailed information or call May Brady at 410.757.3090.


Beach Boardwalk Bash, our new, end-of-summer social event, featuring an array of boardwalk activities, is scheduled for Saturday, September 18 from 4 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., on the front playground.  All NAPS families and friends are invited to attend.  Reservations are required.  Look for a sign-up flyer in this Tuesday Envelope, or at the sign-in/out desk near the main office.


Tuition Questions?  Tuition invoices are distributed through the Tuesday Envelope the first week of each month.  Tuition is due the 20th of each month.  Payments received after the 20th are considered late and accounts will be billed an additional $25 in late fees.


Tuition Checks written for students with a different surname than the name printed on the check should be clearly identified.  Please write the name of the student on the memo line.


Lunch Orders for both Pizza and Panera Bread are included in this envelope.  Parents are reminded that once an order has been placed, it remains locked-in for the semester.  This semester, the pizza lunch is coordinated and implemented by the third grade parents as a grade fundraiser.  The Panera Bread lunch is offered by the NAPS Administration, and funds will be put toward our Tuition Assistance Program.  Please note the order deadline.


Individual Student Photos are scheduled for Monday, September 27 and Tuesday, September 28.  Students are required to wear the formal uniform as described on page 17 of the handbook.  Look for a class schedule and order form in an upcoming Tuesday Envelope.  Photos are used in our yearbook, and all students sit for a portrait.  However, purchase is not required.


The Giant A+ BonusBucks program is under way.  Simply complete the provided form and return it to the school in your Tuesday Envelope.  We will do the administrative paperwork!  Then remember to use the number whenever you shop at Giant.  


The Annual Fund Drive will kick off next week!  Look for detailed information about this year’s goals in an upcoming Tuesday Envelope.  We hope all families will consider participating.  For timely billing over the eight month period, please return the form by Friday, September 24.  However, single donations are welcome at any time.


The NAPS Website Business Link is ready for 2010-2011 participants!  All new and previous participants must submit an updated form.  The business link registration form is available for download at our website, and may be submitted via email or hard copy.   If you have any questions, please contact our new computer teacher, Ashley Howard at


Save the Date!  Middle School Information Night – Parents of fourth and fifth graders are invited to our Middle School Information Night, Wednesday, October 13 at 7 p.m.   NAPS school staff will present information regarding preparing to enter local public and private middle schools.  AN ADULT ONLY EVENT


Save the Date!  The Fifth Annual 5K/10K Run/Walk is scheduled for Sunday, November 7.  The event also includes a fun run for children, and all proceeds benefit the school.  Look for additional information in the near future.


Playground Renovation Volunteers, George Kesselring, John Murray and Paul Clouse deserve special thanks for the extended amount of time and effort put into updating the back playground!  We would also like to thank the following NAPS families for volunteering to spread the rubber mulch:  Breault, Brummitt, Chatlos, Koepp, McKee, Parks, Richardson, Schemmel, Schroder, Thaxton, and Wilfong.  Of course, we appreciate the help all of our families offer,  and apologize if we have omitted any names!   






The Naval Academy Primary School, a non-profit organization, has been granted membership to the National Capital Area Combined Federal Campaign Program.  As a member, we are now eligible to receive donations through the CFC program.  Many government organizations encourage 100% participation of their employees.   We hope you and your loved ones will consider the school when making your donation selection.  Our contribution code is 60039.  More information will be posted on our website.


  Thank you for your consideration!






Operational Procedures




To expedite the MORNING CARPOOL process, parents are reminded to POSITION CHILDREN ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE CAR, release buckles before entering the circle, pull as far forward as possible, and move along as soon as your child is safely on the sidewalk.


Please ensure that breakfast has been completed, backpacks are zipped, and good byes have been said before entering the circle as well.  Drivers are also asked to refrain from talking on cell phones during the loading and unloading of your children.


Morning Carpool begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 8:15 a.m.  Staff members are guaranteed to remain outside until all cars IN LINE at 8:15 have been emptied.  If a significant break occurs after 8:15 a.m., staff members will consider carpool complete.  Once staff supervised drop-off has ceased, late parents must park in the straight area of the driveway, walk the student inside, and sign-in.  Please DO NOT DROP-OFF children at the door, no matter what age.  Also, the school does not open until 8 a.m.   Parents and children must wait on the front porch until staff members open the school for carpool.


Afternoon Carpool is operating relatively smoothly!  Please ensure that all carpool numbers are prominently displayed in the upper right windshield.  Walk-in parents are reminded to wait in the foyer and your student(s) will be called and directed to you.  Parents are asked not to walk directly to the classrooms to remove students.  Carpool is a very hectic time in general, and we ask that you allow school staff and students to organize themselves without interruption. 


Carpool and Extended Care Fees – carpool users are reminded that each student picked-up between noon and 12:30 p.m., or 3:00 – 3:30 p.m. will be assessed a $15 late fee.  The account of each student remaining after the 30-minute grace period will be charged both the late fee and the daily extended care rate.


Afternoon extended care closes at 5:30 p.m., and the account of each child remaining after that time will be assessed $10 for every five-minute increment.  For your child’s peace of mind, a phone call alerting staff to the situation is greatly appreciated.  As always, in the case of extenuating circumstances, fees may be subject to review.


Classrooms and school hallways are closed before 8 am and after 3 pm for safety and security reasons.  Parents using early morning extended care are asked to drop-off children directly on the porch without taking their belongings to the classroom.  Parents are also reminded that students are not able to return to the classrooms to retrieve forgotten homework after 3 pm.


Visitor Parking is located across the street from the school.  Visitors arriving during carpool operations or staying for a lengthy period are expected to park there.  Please use the cross walk near the mailbox to avoid weaving between cars.  PLEASE DO NOT PARK NEAR THE PUTTING GREEN NOR WALK UP THE HILL. 


Visitors may park in the straight section of the driveway for quick visits during non-carpool hours.  There is NO parking in the large blacktop area immediately in front of the school, as it is reserved at all times for physical education, recess, or staff.


All Visitors must report to the main office when entering the school.  Items to be dropped off will be delivered by a staff member.  Parents wishing to pick-up a student are asked to sign-out and wait at the office while the student is called from the classroom.  Parents should never proceed directly to a classroom.