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Parent Handbook: Homework



Homework serves to reinforce subject matter that has been taught in the classroom. Each teacher will outline her homework policy at the beginning of the school year. Doing schoolwork at home encourages students to develop independent study habits and therefore, should be the child’s responsibility. However, parental involvement with a child’s homework gives the parent an awareness of the child’s strengths and weaknesses and is valuable in the educational process. Parents can help by following a few simple guidelines:

Designate a regular place for doing homework away from household traffic and noise.

Establish a regular time for working on assignments.

Encourage the child to complete the assigned work.

Review homework for completeness and correctness.


Make-Up Work and Absences Due To Illness or Family Emergencies

While individual circumstances are considered, in general, only necessary class work will be assigned. Students will have the number of days missed to complete the work, i.e. if three days are missed the student will have three days to complete make-up work. If the school is notified by 9 a.m. that morning, daily work can be picked-up at 2:30 p.m. or sent home with a sibling.


Make-Up Work and Planned Absences

Planned absences for any reason should be communicated to the teacher as soon as possible. The absence may be taken into consideration when planning tests, as it is sometimes beneficial for tests to be administered in advance. While teachers are not required to prepare work in advance, they will need at least one week’s notice for it to be a consideration. Only necessary work will be assigned, and if a packet is prepared, it is due immediately upon return. Any work not returned on the first day back will be recorded as a zero. If work is not prepared in advance, the student will have the number of days missed to make-up the work, but not to exceed one calendar week.