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Parent Handbook- Communication




We encourage you to contact your child’s teacher if you have any concerns regarding your child. You may leave a message at the school office and the teacher will return your call as soon as possible to arrange a mutually convenient meeting time. Only emergency messages will be delivered to the classroom; all other messages will be placed in the teacher’s mailbox. Please bear in mind that the periods right before school begins in the morning and immediately after dismissal in the afternoon are extremely busy. Consequently, teachers will not be available for impromptu discussions during these times.


Tuesday Envelope

The school sends home a large envelope each Tuesday with the oldest child in the family. Parents should be alert each Tuesday to check contents of this envelope. Except in unusual circumstances, all written communication from the school office is sent to parents in this manner. Please read all material sent home and sign any papers necessary, returning the papers in the envelope with the oldest child the following morning. Following Monday holidays, the Tuesday Envelope will be distributed on Wednesday. A $5.00 fee is charged for a lost or irreparably damaged envelope. (If a Tuesday Envelope has not been returned by the following Monday, the family will receive no information that week. Packets of the week’s information will be available outside the main office. Exception: If there is a report card or bill, a new envelope will be used and a $5.00 fee charged.)



The school’s monthly newsletter (NAPS News) is sent home in the Tuesday Envelope. This is the primary source of school-to-home information so don’t miss reading it. Distribution is either the first or second Tuesday of the month.



The school often distributes flyers with information about special events and programs at NAPS. We also distribute flyers for nonprofit community organizations when the education content is deemed appropriate. The flyers will be included in a Tuesday Envelope when the timing is right but occasionally are sent home separately. School policy prohibits endorsement or promotion of any individuals or businesses.



The school’s directory is for school communication between parents, teachers, and students exclusively. Staff personal information should be used for parent-to-parent communications only. The directory is not to be used for any commercial or political objectives nor is it intended for anyone outside the NAPS community. The directory is distributed in September, with necessary updates published in the newsletter throughout the year.